Providing Transport Solutions Since 1932

We aim towards presenting our clients with the best transport services that emphasise safety, opulence, efficiency and reliability.

It all started thanks to one man..

Garden of Eden Ltd came into existence in 1932, when Giuseppe Spiteri first purchased a 14-seater Chevrolet to use as a coach. Thanks to his resilient spirit and hard work, within just a year he upgraded his coach for a 29-seater Diamond-T bus. Over time, Giuseppe bought a Reo coach which he himself modified to hold up to 32 people. The Reo was later on replaced by a Bedford OB bus. This was the start of Garden of Eden’s journey to become one of Malta’s leading transport companies.

Over the years, Giuseppe’s youngest son, Angelo, took over the business and added a fleet of modernised coaches to their repertoire. Angelo and Giuseppe together built their very first minibus, as the demand for their services increased drastically. After some time, they started importing a selection of coaches and minibuses from the UK. By the early 1990s, Angelo’s sons took over their father’s business after his passing. Nowadays, Garden of Eden is known among a number of tour organisers and people for their stellar tour operations and affluent transport solutions it offers.

Garden of Eden branches into various fields related to transport. These include the Garden of Eden Garage — a repair shop that specialises in heavy-duty cars and commercial fleets. The Diamond Lounge Limo Coach, a state-of-the-art extravagant limousine coach ideal for corporate functions and private parties, and Location Malta, a company founded to present incoming and outgoing travellers with leisurely travel solutions.